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7 clever appliances to make your bedroom more energy efficient

Cosiness shouldn’t come at a cost to the environment. Luckily with these smart devices you can create the sort of warm, low-lit ambience in your bedroom that a bondafide hygge guru would be proud of – all while keeping your carbon emmissions down.

Research has shown that with every degree we turn our thermostats down, we can save 7% in energy costs — which in turn is better for the planet. Stoov have produced a range of products to help lower our energy consumption by heating the individual’s body temperature and lowering the thermostat. This cordless heated blanket comes with a rechargeable battery with three heating levels (and such a cosy woolly cover). They’re made to last a long time and be recyclable at the end of their life.

This little gadget has been designed to fit onto your radiator valve and better help you save energy. It has a smart detector that will gauge when a window is open, automatically switching the heating off in the room to prevent waste. It also analyses the room environment and adjusts the heating according to sunshine level and if the room is in use. It can all be controlled via an app, too, with the ability to boost room temperature when needed.

By leaving plugs and appliances switched on when not in use, the average household adds around £30 per person on to their electricity bill, which really starts to add up with larger families. Though so many plugs are often out of reach or tucked behind furniture, not allowing easy access to switch off the TVs and bedside lamps when we’re not actually using them. Smart plugs like the 4lite turn products off at the wall when they’re not in use, saving energy while on standby. It’s controllable via an app and has voice-activated tech.

When turned off, this serves as a geometric wood-effect wall installation, but turned on, it can provide a bedroom with a natural illuminated glow to give warm and cosy lighting. It’s run using energy efficient LED smart panels and has 11 different lighting settings controllable via an app. It can be synced up with your music to pair with the rhythm, or there’s also a circadian lighting feature that can be used to ease you into the morning. The modular panels can be rearranged at any time for a bespoke design.

Another one that focuses on heating the individual rather than the whole room to work in a more energy efficient way. A lot of fan heaters and central heating will heat the air, losing a lot of the energy as it rises, however this heated desk is more focused to heat the person sitting at the desk. It’s roughly 90% cheaper to run than an air heater, in turn cutting down on your carbon footprint. It won an award as the Green Hero for Grand Designs, too.

£31.99 , digdetox.com

Created in an attempt to promote a digital detox, this alarm clock is eco-friendly, made out of bamboo and rechargeable. Between charges, it can run between seven and 15 days, cutting down on energy use, but it also aids to promote cutting down on general device use and wider energy use. The display is in full LED and displays the temperature, too. One tree is planted for each clock sold.

By switching from conventional bulbs to LED bulbs, we can save money per household each year and reduce our carbon footprint by up to 85%. LED bulbs are energy saving and can last a lot longer, but the A-class bulb from Philips has been designed to consume 50% less energy than a standard Philips LED bulb. Their average life span is 50 years and packaging is zero plastic. The classic A-shape bulbs come in 40w or 60w options.



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