A TikTok model made viral videos of her grandmother’s choice to die. Here’s why

A Victoria’s Secret model has revealed why it was important for her to document the last days she’ll spend with her terminally ill grandmother after the 85-year-old decided to seek euthanasia to end her life.

Ali Tate Cutler, a Texas-based model, revealed her grandmother’s plan to die by medical assistance on TikTok this week. In the first of a series of emotional clips, Cutler explained that her grandma, who lives in Canada and who she refers to as Bubbie, had chosen to seek euthanasia after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. In Canada, euthanasia and assisted suicide have been legal for people over 18 and who are eligible since 2016.

“Bubbie has entered her final chapter in life,” Cutler wrote on a video of herself and her grandmother playing a game together. “After her terminal cancer diagnosis, she is choosing to be euthanised in Canada.”

In the caption, Cutler acknowledged that “no one gets out of this life alive”, before claiming that the best way we can “honour life is to be aware of death”.

“Love to your elders. Love to those who have come before us,” Cutler wrote, before adding: “Love you Bubbie.”

In the caption of the video, which has since been viewed more than 441,000 times, the model poignantly wrote: “Only thing that is certain is death and taxes. So much love to those who have come and gone before us.”

In another video posted during her grandmother’s final days, which has since been viewed more than 12 million times, Cutler filmed the pair participating in a TikTok trend as they got ready for a dinner out. “My grandmother has chosen euthanasia for her terminal diagnosis, so this is the last time I can take her out to dinner,” Cutler explained in a caption on the video, before noting that she has “so many emotions right now,” but that her priority is making it the “most memorable week” for her grandmother.

Speaking to The Independent, Cutler revealed that her grandmother has always felt “strongly” in support of euthanasia, and that, by the time she’d received the terminal cancer diagnosis, she “knew that she kind of wanted to exit the world in this way”.

“She just did not want to suffer in her final moments,” Cutler explained of her grandmother’s mindset upon learning that, even with chemotherapy treatment, she would only have six months left to live. “So she decided that she wanted to go out in her own terms.”

According to Cutler, whose family has travelled to Canada to spend time with the 85-year-old in her final days, they were not necessarily proponents of euthanasia before they learned of Bubbie’s decision.

However, Cutler said that her family has been “incredibly supportive” since learning of her grandmother’s wish, a mindset that she said stems from their belief in “body sovereignty and autonomy”.

“First and foremost, that’s an overarching principle of pretty much all of our beliefs,” she explained. “For us, it’s about allowing the person to choose on their own terms, how and what they want to do with their body, and how they want to leave the world.

“You know, we come into the world alone, we leave it alone. It’s a personal decision.”

In one of her videos, Cutler acknowledged how “hard” it has been to spend the time with her grandmother, knowing that it will be the last time they spend together. However, she said that she is trying to “stay positive” for her Bubbie.

“These last four days have been so hard. I’m trying to stay positive for my Bubbie, but I can’t handle that I’m about to say goodbye forever at the airport tomorrow,” Cutler admitted as she filmed herself crying. In the caption of the emotional video, she added: “Being able to cry with her has been a blessing. But it’s the finality of death that is repeating on a loop in my mind.”

According to Cutler, she decided to share the videos to TikTok because she realised how “beautiful it was to watch someone die” as she was grieving her grandmother during their final moments together.

“It was less of a statement on euthanasia and more a kind of being in awe of watching this person choose their own way out with dignity and with sovereign choice,” Cutler clarified.

The decision was also a statement about how we grieve, as Cutler noted that, usually she sees posts about death after someone has lost a loved one.

“Usually I see when people go through deaths in a family, they post a photo or a video when their loved one has passed saying, I miss this person, or, I’m really sad right now because of this. And I always thought that was kind of weird and out of order, like, we should be celebrating this person while they’re still here,” she said.


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