Armenia admitted the great success of Azerbaijani intelligence during the warPolitics 

Baku/17.02.22/ The National Security Service of Armenia today  admitted the fact of mass espionage of the Armenian military in favor of Azerbaijan during the Second Karabakh War. According to the press service of the National Security Service of Armenia, dozens of Armenian soldiers were agents of Azerbaijan and took part in the war on the instructions of Baku. They conveyed information of a military nature to Azerbaijan from the combat zone.

“As a result, at the height of the war, the enemy received clear information about the types and numbers of Armenian troops, military equipment, tactics and more. As a result, the enemy with the help of drones and artillery disabled the Armenian troops.”

The intelligence network of Azerbaijan involved former and current military personnel who could be in military units in Armenia and Karabakh. They went to combat posts, secretly made videos of the movement of troops and equipment, and handed it over to the Azerbaijani side. For espionage, 20 people were involved in the investigation, 14 of them were arrested, the report said. -02D-



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