Bear Grylls wants to help men like me – but can his wellness plan lift my winter blues?

Here’s something I’d never done last year. I’d never sat in an empty shed repeating life-affirming sentences out loud and it wasn’t something I ever thought I’d do this year either. Yet here I am, cross-legged on the floor in my garden office telling the universe: “I am capable of this success, today is going to be a great day”. (I know, right…?)

But, somehow, I am managing to completely mean it. I’m even grinning like a Cheshire cat throughout – not because I’m being arch in any way but because saying it is making me feel really, genuinely happy. And I have one man to thank for that. Bear Grylls

But what on earth could TV’s most famous outdoorsman have to do with me manifesting a successful day from my shed? Blame it on the new trend of action heroes moving into the wellness space.


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