Did Azerbaijanis buy real estate in Armenia?Politics 

Baku/15.02.22/ Azerbaijani citizens own at least six properties in Armenia, announced on Tuesday  the Cadastre Committee of the country in response to a request from Sputnik Armenia.

“In 2010-2021, in Armenia, Turkish citizens made a total of 71 transactions to register the right to real estate, and Azerbaijani citizens – 6,” the report says.

According to the Committee, Azerbaijani citizens purchased apartments in 2012 (2), 2018, 2019. Another apartment was received as a gift (2012). In addition, one object of public importance was acquired. 

It should be noted that we are talking about persons with Azerbaijani citizenship, and not about their ethnicity, Sputnik Armenia clarifies.

Apparently, these are Armenians from Azerbaijan. The same applies to Turkish citizens – ethnic Armenians, who purchased 53 apartments in Armenia during the specified period, 1 – received as a gift, 1 – exchanged. In addition, they bought 5 private houses, 1 garage, 7 public facilities, 3 land plots. 

Most purchases were in 2016 (8), 2017 (14), 2019 (18) and 2021 (8).

Legal entities registered in Turkey and Azerbaijan did not make real estate transactions in Armenia during the specified period. -02D-



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