Forget fights over the thermostat, ‘lawn wars’ is the new battle of the sexes

It really does not surprise me that a recent survey by the charity Plantlife has revealed that men much prefer their lawns to be well-kempt. Whereas women tend to want their gardens to be a bit more rough and ready, men prefer things to be manicured and sculpted. Neat. This is certainly true of our household, in which my wife Annabel is constantly encouraging me to go easy on the mowing, and not to obsess about turning every patch of grass into a croquet lawn.

Yes, yes, I know all the arguments as to why you should not mow, and why last month we should have embraced “No Mow May”. I know it’s all to do with the birds and the bees and the insects and all that nature stuff, but that’s no more the point of a lawn than a car park or a lavatory. 

The point about lawns is that our lawns are not meadows or nature reserves, they are essentially extensions of our houses. And just as you wouldn’t want a scruffy, neglected living room, you wouldn’t want that for your lawn.


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