Jane Seymour’s right: sex over 60 (and she’s 72!) can be the best of your life

The news that former Bond girl Jane Seymour is having the best and the most “passionate” sex of her life at the age of 72 – with her 73-year-old boyfriend no less – might come as a surprise to many people; but not me. I’ve been extolling the joys of bonking on after 60 ever since I turned 60 – nearly 10 years ago.

The idea that sex can be terrific after 60 – and yes even after 70 – is one that society still has trouble accepting. A quick survey amongst my young and older male and female friends regarding Seymour’s claim provoked the following responses: incredulity (“liar!”) disgust (“yuck!”) and envy (“lucky her/lucky him”.)

But why do we find it so hard to accept the idea that old people can have an exciting erotic life? One reason is that it’s a taboo topic; it’s the lust that dare not speak its name. For many older people sex is a wonderful thing to do, but an embarrassing thing to talk about.


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