Luther’s back – and the movie trailer justifies Idris Elba’s return thanks to scariest villain yet

It’s been promised for some time, and it’s almost upon us: the big-screen version of Idris Elba series Luther.

That’s if you watch it in the cinema, of course. The film is getting a limited theatrical release, but then will be available to stream on Netflix from 10 March.

However, it’s thanks to this streaming service budget that fans are going to see the grizzled detective in situations the BBC simply couldn’t afford.

Have you ever wanted to see Luther inciting a riot while breaking out of prison? Firstly, who hasn’t, and secondly, you will! Have you ever wondered what Luther would look like walking up a snowy moutain range? Wonder no more. And, while fans of the series are used to seeing Elba on footchases around London’s grimiest streets, this time we’ll see him dodging tubes on the London underground.

But of course, it would all be fruitless if there wasn’t a terrifying foe to face off against, and creator Neil Cross has seen to that. Andy Serkis is on villain duties, and it’s revealed in the trailer that him and Luther have previous. In fact, Luther seems very worried by his resurgence and, I don’t know about you, but I trust that grumpy fella. “He wants the world to think a bad dream has come true,” Luther says of Serkis’s sadistic David Robey. Sounds like he’ll fit into the show’s universe nicely, then.

There’s something of a Bond villain in Serkis’ character. But whereas the British spy series has to limit just how scary a villain can actually be to receive a younger age certificate, Luther has no such issue. If anything, The Fallen Sun looks like an ultra gritty 007 film in which everything is 100 times more f***ed up. If post-Daniel Craig Bond fatigue is a thing, and Luther: The Fallen Sun is any good, a new franchise could be born. The trailer has certainly provided high hopes.

The film, directed by Jamie Payne, will be available to see in cinemas for one week from 24 February before its Netflix arrival on 10 March.

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