Simba sale: Get up to 45% off mattresses and bedding bundles

Need a new mattress? You’re not alone. The Better Sleep Council recommends that you replace your mattress every seven years, as by this stage it will have lost much of its original support — but time and budget constraints can often move dreams of a fresh place to slumber further and further down your to-do list.

The Simba January sale, where you can pick up an award-winning hybrid mattress for a fraction of its RRP, is worth moving it back up the agenda for.

There may be dozens of bed-in-a-box companies these days, but Simba’s hybrids stand out from the crowd thanks to the brand’s titanium aerocoil spring layer; tiny coils that replace the traditional bulky bed spring to create a comfortable experience for all types of sleepers, no matter how much you (or your partner) shift during the night. These streamlined springs are so small they’re just 0.9mm thick — that’s around the size of a paper clip, for those who need a visual. Yet while they may be small, they’re still pretty mighty, thanks for their titanium composition, providing responsive support all night long as you head off into the land of nod.

The aerocoils aren’t the only feature that help Simba to stand apart from its competition. The company has also developed a unique open cell “Simbatex” foam for superior airflow and a cooler, calmer night regardless of the temperature outside. This novel layer of its mattresses, which somehow has thirty (yes, 3-0) times the airflow of typical memory foam, is also cleverly infused with graphite, a mineral that is renowned for drawing heat away from the body. In short, it means no more night sweats, and fewer instances of waking up from overheating.

Simba flaunts its eco-credentials with pride; its carbon neutral mattresses are made from 100 percent recyclable materials in zero waste factories right here in the UK. And for added peace of mind, they come with a 10-year guarantee, and a 200-night trial, so you can try before you commit to buy to see the difference its products can make to your shut-eye yourself. Delivery is also free, so you won’t lose a penny if you decide it’s not for you, and Simba offers 0 per cent credit if you prefer to spread the cost of your purchase.

Finding your boxes are all ticked by the collection? There are three key lines in the Simba range, each designed with improving your individual sleep experience in mind. Here’s our breakdown of the benefits of each, so that you can make an informed decision and finally get the deep sleep your body’s been craving, as well as the impressively discounted prices you can’t afford to miss, courtesy of the January sales.

All prices below are for a standard double, and will vary based on the size of mattress you select.

Sitting at 25cm high and available in sizes from single to super king, the entry-level hybrid is Simba’s most affordable mattress — especially with the current saving of over £350 — but there’s nothing budget about this buy. It boasts five layers, including 2,500 of those nifty aerocoils and Simba’s signature Simbatex foam for a snooze that’s soothing, rather than sweaty. As the original product in the range, the hybrid was crafted using the body data of 10 million sleepers, meaning that whether you’re a front, side, or back sleeper, you should find it props you in just the right position, easing pressure on your joints to boot. The sturdy core is topped off with a breathable, hypoallergenic cover to keep things fresh.

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The hybrid pro packs all of the features of the original hybrid into an even more premium package. Here you’ll have access to seven layers, giving the pro a 28cm height, and amp up the number of aerocoils in your mattress to a cool up to 5,000, double stacked for optimum opulence on your bedframe. As with all Simba mattresses, its edge-to-edge technology helps you to avoid any sagging or motion transfer, and moulds to cradle your body wherever you choose to lie. If budget allows, it’s well worth the investment, and at less than £800 for a double in the sale, you’re unlikely to find it cheaper than right now.

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This is the crème de la crème of Simba mattresses — if the line were royalty, this would be the reigning king. In addition to the usual titanium aerocoils, the luxe incorporates 1,000 high carbon steel aerocoils too, for the most restorative, well-supported rest possible without any subsequent stiffness. In total there are 10 layers of body-boosting genius in this model, giving a plush 31cm depth that it’s basically impossible uncomfortable upon. Just don’t forget to find yourself a generously-sized fitted sheet.

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To maximise your spend, you can also opt for a Simba bundle – now 45% off in the January sales – which team the covetable mattresses with pillows, a duvet and a mattress protector, not only saving you some serious cash, but also ensuring the rest of your bedding does your swish new mattress justice.

Choose the hybrid bundle (£789.80 for a double, was £1,436), which lets you pick up your choice of Simba mattress and all of the accessories in one fell swoop. Or completely revolutionise your nighttime routine with the ultimate bundle (from 1432.75 for a double, was £2,605), which includes all of the above and a Simba bedframe — available in a range of chic shapes, sizes and colours to complement any space.

Simba hybrid luxe mattress

The only downside to taking advantage of these offers? It’s about to get even harder to get up in the morning…

See the full Simba collection and the latest savings on the range at Simbasleep.com

Terms and conditions Apply. See full Ts&Cs at Simbasleep.com

Simba hybrid pro mattress


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