Spanish women offered three-day leave for painful periods

Spain is set to become the first country in Europe to give women menstrual leave if they are grappling with very painful periods.

Women in Spain suffering severe pain during their periods will be permitted to have up to three days off work every month under the new plans.

The measures are due to be given the green light by the Spanish government next week.

Menstrual leave is already given to employees in South Korea, Japan, Zambia and Indonesia.

Angela Rodriguez, Spain’s secretary of state for equality, told El Periodico paper: “If someone has an illness with such symptoms a temporary disability is granted, so the same should happen with menstruation – allowing a woman with a very painful period to stay at home”.

British Medical Journal study revealed some 20 per cent of women under 25 had missed school or work as a result of period pain, while an additional 40 per cent had found that it severely impeded their capacity to focus.

Meanwhile, a professor at University College London stated period pain can be as “bad as having a heart attack” back in 2016.

The new measure comes after Spain recently passed a new law criminalising the abuse, harassment and intimidation of women seeking abortions – with offenders facing up to a year in prison.

Last month, the government announced the new measure, which results in an individual attempting to block a woman from terminating her pregnancy via harassment facing jail time of between three months and a year, or being made to do community service.


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