The court will consider the complaint against Javanshir FeyzievSocial 

Baku / 29.01.22 / On February 17, at 15.00, a preparatory hearing was scheduled at the Sabail District Court on a complaint filed in the form of a private criminal charge against deputy Javanshir Feyziev.

Information about this is posted in the “electronic court” system.

The complaint contains a demand to bring Feyziev under Art. 147 (slander) of the Criminal Code.

However, the information does not specify who filed the complaint against Feyziev.
Feyziev was at the center of a scandal after the British press published a report by the National Crime Agency on the confiscation of 5.6 million pounds from British bank accounts belonging to Feyziev, calling them illegal.
The Azerbaijani press widely covered this event, asking where the deputy has so many funds, why are they in foreign banks and why is the deputy doing business if it is prohibited by law? In addition, about 10 million pounds remain in British banks, which have not been confiscated.
These publications angered Feyziev, who accused the Azerbaijani media and individual journalists of venality and meanness.
At the same time, the deputy noted that all his income is legal and his business is transparent.-03D06-


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