The US can’t ignore growing animosity from Arab nations over deaths in Gaza

Israel continues to expand military operations in Gaza. Punitive raids by its forces appear to have stymied any armed solidarity struggle in the West Bank, and Hezbollah does not look like it’s ready to help out Hamas with a cross border conflict from Lebanon.

But the West, which is providing top cover for Israel in the conflict, with the US rushing in supplies to add to the multi-billion dollars arms packages every year, is beginning to feel a growing backlash from the Arab world as the toll of Palestinian dead passes 11,250 with most of them women and children.

The recent Arab Islamic Extraordinary Summit in the Saudi capital Riyadh, with 57 international leaders present, condemned Israel for the brutal strife, declaring: “Protection from cycles of violence and wars will not be achieved without ending Israeli occupation. We hold Israel, the occupying power responsible for the continuation and aggravation of the conflict”.

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