UK weather: Temperatures set to hit 20C over coronation weekend but heavy showers to continue

The coronation weekend is expected to see showers across much of the country as celebrations continue through the bank holiday.

A star-studded lineup will perform at a coronation concert on Sunday evening at Windsor Castle, while Monday will see street parties across the country.

For those attending the coronation concert, showers are expected in London, becoming heavier in the afternoon, but temperatures will be warm, with a high of 20C expected.

For the rest of the country, Sunday will see areas of rain breaking up into heavy, possibly thundery showers for many parts of England.

Rain is expected in the east of the country, while western and central parts of the UK will remain largely dry and sunny. However, eastern and southeast England may experience thundery downpours.

The driest and brightest weather looks set for parts of Northern Ireland, Wales, western Scotland and southwest England.

Street parties taking place on Monday will start out mostly dry in eastern areas, according to Met Office predictions, before a band of rain in the west sweeps across the country, bringing wet weather for many, followed by sunshine and scattered showers.

Winds are expected to be moderate, with temperatures near average.

Saturday’s coronation ceremony saw heavy bursts of rain along with cloudy and wet conditions for many parts of the UK. Crowds gathered in Trafalgar Square and outside Buckingham Palace in the rain to watch the coronation procession.

The rain is expected to clear on Saturday evening in the east and in northern areas. Clear spells will follow, with some patchy fog and cloud forming.

Data from the Met Office archive shows that past coronations dating back to Edward VII have been a mixed bag when it comes to the weather.

The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II saw temperature highs of just 11.8C on 2 June 1953, with some light rain through the day.

The coronation of King George V, however, was the mildest of the most recent four coronations, with highs of 17C on 22 June 1911.

Outbreaks of rain, some heavy across southern and central areas, mostly clearing overnight, while heavy showers further north will slowly ease. Extensive low cloud and mist in the northeast, forming in other areas overnight.

Remaining rain or drizzle in the east clearing to scattered heavy showers by afternoon. Many other areas dry with sunny spells. Warm away from the northeast.

Downpours on Saturday did little to dampen enthusiasm

Rain and a brisk wind sweeping east on Monday, clearing on Tuesday to sunnier spells and showers thereafter. A small chance of heavier rain in the south, though. Rather warm.

Temperatures for Sunday 7 May are expected to reach 20C

Even anti-monarchists braved the rain ahead of the coronation


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