Viewers stunned by man’s relaxed attitude to catastrophically broken leg

A man has left viewers in shock by appearing completely relaxed… right after suffering a horrific broken leg.

The man, named Alex, was filmed by his friend, Luke John, a fishing enthusiast who goes by the handle @lukejohnangler on TikTok.

According to John’s video, he and two other men were on a fishing trip when Alex “snapped” his leg.

The clip, uploaded to TikTok earlier this week, showed Alex laying on the ground in a field and holding his broken leg in one hand.

Despite the grotesque angle at which his leg is broken, Alex appears remarkably calm and unfazed, simply looking at his phone with his other hand.

“He’s just snapped his leg fishing, playing taekwondo,” John can be heard saying while filming his friend on the ground.

Alex corrected him and said they were actually doing “jujitsu” when he broke his leg, which causes John to burst out into laughter.

“How are you feeling now?” he asked Alex, who replied nonchalantly: “Eh, not great.”

John added: “Great… That’s f***ed.”

Viewers were horrified and amused by the video in equal parts, with many commenting that all Alex needed was a “wet paper towel” to help fix things.

“Now I feel dramatic for stubbing my toe screaming… where he’s like [sunglasses emoji],” one person said.

Another added: “Omg that adrenaline is cracking, he’s literally like, he’s just clicked a nail or something.”

A second video uploaded later by John, in part to debunk viewers who claimed the video was fake, showed paramedics at the scene surrounding Alex, who is no longer holding his broken leg but resting it on his other knee while still laying on the ground.

One of the paramedics can be heard explaining what their plan to rescue Alex and get him to a hospital will entail.

At one point, the emergency workers asked Alex: “Are you normally fit and well?”

He answered: “Well… I would say yes if my leg wasn’t broken.” The joke makes John and the paramedics all laugh, as they try to continue asking him health questions.

A third and final video shows John filming from a distance as the paramedics work on getting Alex’s leg into a splint so they can remove him from the field.

This time, Alex appears much less relaxed compared to the first two videos, as groans and screams agony can be heard.

John captioned the last video: “Final part of the leg break! You all got what you wanted, to see him in pain.”


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