Best mattress 2022: Memory foam, pocket-sprung and hybrid mattresses reviewed

A good mattress can transform your life. We know that’s a bold statement, but it’s true. Sleep is vitally important. When we sleep, we give our brains and body a chance to repair, recover, and process our thoughts.

Good-quality sleep will improve your mood and memory, as well as help to maintain overall health, weight and energy levels. And one of the most important factors affecting your sleep is your environment, including your mattress.

According to The Sleep Charity, the average person spends about a third of their life asleep. If the average life of a mattress is seven years (we’ll come on to that in a minute), then that’s a whopping 20,000 hours you’ll spend on one.

Your mattress is one of the key factors that affect the quantity and quality of sleep you get. We know there’s a bewildering amount of choice out there: foam, hybrid, pocket-sprung, no-turn, rotate… But have no fear! We’ve spent months investigating mattresses and testing them in real-world scenarios to find you the very best.

So how did we review the mattresses to find the best one? We slept on the job. Every night for four months, we tried out these mattresses. We tested all the big names, and some smaller brands too. That’s about 1,000 hours of testing. We tried them at home, sleeping on each one rather than just lying on it for 10 minutes. We did this alongside a co-tester with different sleeping preferences to canvas further opinions.

We looked for how comfortable they were, how thick, how it felt to move around on the mattress, and if we could feel our co-tester’s movements. Overheating was also on our minds – we wanted mattresses that didn’t have us waking up in a pool of sweat. This is what we found.

For reference, each price listed below is for a standard double mattress, but we’ve also detailed the sizes each mattress is available in too.

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