Best mattress 2023 reviews: Memory foam, pocket sprung and hybrid mattresses, tried and tested

Having the best mattress for you can improve your sleep quality, making it vital that you opt for the right one. But owing to the different factors to consider, choosing one isn’t always the easiest task. How you sleep – whether you’re a front, back or side sleeper – for example, will determine the level of firmness you need, so will your weight and whether you experience any back pain.

Thankfully, our comprehensive guide to the best mattress in 2023 is on hand to help, since good-quality sleep is important. It will improve your mood and memory, as well as help maintain overall health, weight and energy levels. One of the main factors affecting your sleep is your environment, including pillows, duvets and, most importantly, your mattress.

We know there’s a bewildering amount of choice out there: memory foam, hybrid, pocket sprung, no-turn, rotate, and even options for a bad back. But have no fear, our team of mattress experts spent months investigating all of the different mattresses and testing them in real-world scenarios. We’ve rated and reviewed all of the biggest and best bed-in-a-box brands, including the likes of Simba, Emma and Dormeo, as well as sustainable and local British options, such as Hypnos, to find you the very best.

For four months, we tried out the best mattresses. To be able to recommend which one to choose, we tested the big names, and some smaller brands too. That’s about 1,000 hours of testing. We tried them at home, sleeping on each one rather than just lying on them for 10 minutes. We did this alongside a co-tester with different sleeping preferences, to canvas further opinions.

We looked for how comfortable they were, their thickness, how it felt to move around on the mattress, and if we could feel our co-tester’s movements. Overheating was also on our minds – we wanted mattresses that didn’t have us waking up in a pool of sweat. Similarly, we paid attention to whether the particular mattress could help ease back pain. You can sleep easy knowing we’ve found the best mattresses in the UK.

For reference, each price listed below is for a standard double mattress, but we’ve also detailed the sizes each of the mattresses is available.

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