Foot and mouth case suspected at Norfolk pig farm as control zone imposed

A suspected case of foot and mouth disease has been identified prompting enforcement of a controlled zone on a Norfolk farm, the government has confirmed.

A statement released by Defra said: “Following suspicion of vesicular disease in pigs, and as a precaution to prevent the spread of disease, a 10km temporary control zone has been declared around a premises near Feltwell, Kings Lynn and west Norfolk, Norfolk,” the statement said.

“The premises remains under restrictions pending further tests,” it added.

The last outbreak of foot and mouth in Britain was 2007. The viral disease is highly contagious and can affect cattle, swine, sheep and goats.

The virus causes painful blisters inside the mouth and under the hooves, and can cause lameness and problems feeding. Rarely affecting humans, it could however kill young animals. Its sheer infectiousness prompted the massive cull.

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