How to unprocess your diet and protect your gut

It made grim reading, especially for anyone consuming it over a bowl of Coco Pops this morning. The findings were stark – the world’s most extensive review has established a direct connection between consuming ultra-processed foods (UPF) and 32 detrimental health effects.

In fact, these foods were found to be harmful to every part of our body, bringing with them elevated risks of heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, adverse mental health outcomes, and premature death.

This ground-breaking umbrella review published in The BMJ involved nearly 10 million participants and highlights a growing global trend of UPF consumption, including breakfast cereals, protein bars, soft drinks, ready-made meals, and takeaways. Packed with fat, salt and sugar while lacking in vitamins and fibre, these foods now shockingly make up more than half of the average diet in the UK, with certain groups, particularly younger people and those residing in underprivileged areas, consuming diets containing up to 80 per cent of UPF’s.


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