Karabakh has been left without gas for the third dayPolitics 

Baku/10.03.22/ On the evening on March 8, A gas pipeline was damaged near the city of Shusha, through which gas was supplied from Armenia to Karabakh. The Armenian side blamed the Azerbaijani side for this. According to the Karabakh separatists, the Azerbaijani military does not allow the pipeline to be restored.

To heat their homes, the Armenian population uses electric heaters, but the power grids are so overloaded, that  are switched off for many hours. Because of lack of gas bakeries   have been closed, and classes in schools reduced. There is no  internet.

According to the Armenians, the peacekeepers cannot convince the Azerbaijani side to restore the gas pipeline, and in retaliation, peacekeepers refused to let Azerbaijani columns into Karabakh.

The Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan have not yet commented on these reports. -02B-



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