Ramiz Mehdiyev: The Holy Quran says that man is an ungrateful creatureInterview 

Baku/11.02.22/ President of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (NASA) Ramiz Mehdiyev answered questions of “The Voice of America” radio correspondent due to accusations that are put forward by opponents both in power and in opposition.

Mehtiyev said he takes philosophically the actions of people who at one time praised him and now criticize.

“I am philosophical about this issue. Human nature is imperfect.  The Holy Quran says that man is an ungrateful creature.  You are quite right to say that most of the people who are trying to tarnish me today have reached the position they are in today because of my efforts and support. Frankly speaking, by supporting these people, I thought they could be useful to our motherland, and would take an active part in shaping its intellectual environment.

However, time has shown that most of them have tarnished the name of intelligentsia.  The most scathing response to their statements may be their past.  I believe that those involved in the campaign against me have actually done me a great favor by sparing me the need to respond to them.  Remembering these people’s past, their statements of the past, we are thus putting everything in its place.  Society has had the opportunity to see and compare the hypocrisy of these people,” he said.

Asked about problems in the field of science and the NASA, Mehtiyev replied that since he became President of the NASA, he has repeatedly, publicly stated about serious problems in the Azerbaijani science.

“There are objective and subjective reasons for this. These reasons are not those of one day or one year. They are the result of problems accumulated over many years. A scientist is actually the end product of the education system, of society. The level of profitability of the NASA institutes has been unsatisfactory for many years. So, to solve the existing problems, first of all, we need to create a transparent, flexible system of management, organizational mechanisms, complying with requirements of legislation and modernity. One of the main reasons for the recession, which the NASA has been experiencing for many years, is precisely the lack of management, control. Unfortunately, some directors who took advantage of this, spent public funds inefficiently, putting their personal interests above the public ones.  I believe that after the formation of the management system and the elimination of negative circumstances, there may be a serious turn in the work of the NASA,” said the head of the  academic science.

Asked about “What would you say to calls for your resignation?”, Ramiz Mehdiyev replied as follows: “You know, everyone has the right to freely express his opinion, attitude. This is typical for all democratic countries of the world. I normally take the fact that someone in the NASA does not like my activities, someone criticizes me.  I’ve never had any intention to please everyone. But all this should take place within the framework of ethics. Once again, I repeat that I do not take these people or their appeals seriously.  The general meeting of the NASA elected me to this position and President Ilham Aliyev approved my candidacy. The power to send me to resign also belongs to him. I consider unacceptable the attempts of some persons in the NASA to interfere in the authorities of the head of the state. I have no problems with my health, I feel good and I am at work.  In the future I will do my best to fulfill the tasks set by the state before the NASA. My beliefs and my path are known. I am a true associate of the national leader Heydar Aliyev and President Ilham Aliyev. I’m not going to retreat from this path until my last breath. For me, the interests of the state and the will of President Ilham Aliyev will always be above the interests of individuals.-0-



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