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Kiev/26.02.22/ According to the Ukrainian General Staff, the Russian army continues air strikes on airfields, groups of troops of the armed forces of Ukraine in the east and in the northern part of the Kiev region. Single air strikes have been carried out in the areas of Sumy, Poltava, and Mariupol. From the Black Sea, the Russian Federation launched sea-launched “Kalibr” cruise missiles against the Ukrainian territory.

The Russian Federation’s tactical aviation operations are controlled from the territory of Belarus and TOT Crimea. Battalion tactical groups of the 35th combined arms army of the Eastern Army are located near Mozyr and can be used to strike targets on the Ukrainian territory.

Dozens of tanks near Shumsko and BM-21 “Grad” multiple rocket launchers near Kosevschina have been temporarily located.

The enemy repeatedly used operational and tactical aviation in the Yuzhny and Odessa districts, at the Ozernoye airfield, and against civilian infrastructure in Kiev region.

In the Slobozhansky direction the operational grouping of the armed forces of Ukraine halted the enemy offensive and continues to conduct defensive battles in the Kharkov region. Urban fighting is ongoing in Akhtyrka.

In the seaside direction near Koblevo, fire from mechanized units of the 28th Independent mechanized brigade destroyed boats and up to 20 personnel of the RA diversionary-reconnaissance groups.

The Ukrainian armed forces naval forces engineering barrier group mined the landing-access areas.

A group of the air force of the armed forces of Ukraine repulsed enemy air strikes and destroyed an IL-76MD military transport aircraft with a landing of Russian troops. A fire strike has been carried out against the accumulation of Russian manpower and military equipment in the Kiev, Chernigov and Kherson regions.

A group of combined forces is conducting a defensive operation and holding their positions along the entire line of demarcation.

Estimated losses of the enemy are as follows: 14 aircrafts, 8 helicopters, 102 tanks, 536 armoured combat vehicles, 15 cannons, BUK-1 air defence systems. This was reported by volunteer doctor Ruslan Chagaev to the Turan news agency with reference to the General Staff of Ukraine.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defence, groups of DNR and LNR troops continue to attack the Ukrainian armed forces’ positions with the fire support of the Russian Federation armed forces.

A grouping of LNR troops has advanced up to 21 kilometres and captured the town of Trekhizbenka.

The DNR forces and military units, having broken through the prepared defence of nationalist battalions, advanced up to 25 kilometres and reached Volnovakha.

In the course of the fighting, a large number of weapons supplied by Western countries to Ukraine over the last few months were seized.

Among the spoils are US Javelin anti-tank missile systems and British NLAWs.

Units of the Russian armed forces have blockaded the cities of Sumy and Konotop and are taking measures to ensure the safety of civilians both in these cities and in the surrounding settlements.

A total of 211 military infrastructure facilities of the Ukrainian armed forces have been taken out of action by the Russian armed forces.

Among them are 17 AFU command posts and communication nodes, 19 S-300 and “Osa” anti-aircraft missile defence systems, 39 radar stations.

Six combat aircraft, one helicopter and five unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down.

They have destroyed 67 tanks and other armoured combat vehicles, 16 multiple-launch rocket systems and 87 special military vehicles.-0-

They have destroyed 67 tanks and other armoured combat vehicles, 16 multiple-launch rocket systems and 87 special military vehicles.-0-


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