Ukraine-Russia war – live: Putin tests ‘advanced’ intercontinental ballistic missile

Russia has completed a test-launch of a new intercontinental ballistic missile from the Kapustin Yar training ground in Russia’s Astrakhan Region, Kremlin’s Defense Ministry reported on Wednesday.

“On April 11, 2023, the combat crew of the Strategic Missile Troops successfully launched the intercontinental ballistic missile of the land-based mobile missile system from the Kapustin Yar State Central Multiservice Training Ground in the Astrakhan Region,” the report said.

The missile hit its test target at the Sary-Shagan proving ground in Kazakhstan, according to the report.

Meanwhile, Moscow will now start calling up men to serve in the military via email and other online means, after the country’s parliament approved the move towards easier conscription of Russian men into the army.

Russia has said that this is not aimed at increasing the speed of mobilisation of Russian men to serve in the military.

Up until now, Russia served conscription papers to those being enrolled in the military in person or via an employer.

This comes as the latest Pentagon intelligence leaks suggests that the UK has deployed dozens of its elite special forces to Ukraine during the war.

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