Ukraine-Russia war – live: US ‘to station nuclear weapons in UK’ amid Putin threat

The US is preparing to station nuclear weapons in the UK for the first time in more than a decade amid the growing threat from Russia.

Under the proposals, warheads three times as strong as the bomb which devastated Hiroshima would be based at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk, according to Pentagon documents seen by The Daily Telegraph.

These set out plans for a “nuclear mission” to take place “imminently” at the base. The MoD said it would not confirm or deny the presence of nuclear weapons at any location.

Earlier, Vladimir Putin was accused of using Ukrainian prisoners of war as human shields on board a downed Russian military plane.

Khrystyna Hayovyshyn, Ukraine’s deputy ambassador to the UN, said it would be the first case of Russia using human shields on aircraft to cover for transportation of weaponry if it was confirmed PoWs were on board.

“Ukraine was not informed about the number of vehicles, roads and means of transportation of the captives. This alone may constitute intentional actions by Russia to endanger the lives and safety of the prisoners,” she added.

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